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By Dr. Anne K. Gray


How to Hang Onto Your Husband!” has no equal in its purpose:  to make a dent in the divorce rate!

By coming to terms with the fact that men are not perfect and wives are not wonder women, we are introduced to the reality of marriage-a constant roller coaster of a relationship, with the woman bearing the brunt of smoothing out the bumps, especially when children are in the picture!


Unequal facts must be faced like:


1. Hardly has a divorced man been loosed upon the market than he is snapped up with amazing rapidity -- with all his faults.

2. The woman who feels imprisoned in her marriage needs a new perspective on her situation.  If she equates Freedom with Independence, she will find that third dimension:  Loneliness...and usually a downturn in finances.

3. If there are children involved, the wife should think more than twice before she makes any irrevocable decisions.


With common sense and a positive approach, plus a healthy sprinkling of humor, the author suggests alternatives and methods that may save the union.

Many marriages have been turned back from the chasm and cataclysm of divorce.

No one wants to be alone in their old age.


Finding someone new can be a frying pan into the fire experience - especially with the specter of diseases out there!

Children do need their father.


How to Hang On to Your Husband by Dr Anne K Gray



A strong force for remaining together is a woman’s innate intuitiveness and capacity for forgiveness.

And never to be underestimated is that ultimate power:  LOVE.


9˝ x 6˝ - 90 pp - Paperback

Copyright© 1990, The Kensal Press, Oxford, England.  Limited edition printing.





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