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By Dr. Anne K. Gray


At last!  An easy-to-read book for classical music lovers!  The Popular Guide to Classical Music covers just about everything on the subject from the thunks and plunks of cavemen to the big business of modern orchestras.


It’s a look through the mirror of history from the Church-dominated Dark Ages, the mind-opening Renaissance, to the strictly stylized Baroque Era, the Golden Romantic Age and Space Age Modern Music!


Share the lives and loves of dynamic composers, many living in poverty–their legacy of beauty and inspiration not recognized until after death.


Delve into unique chapters–never available before - on women composers and conductors, who are still facing incredible challenges for the recognition of their talents!
Learn about the instruments–from your own voice to those which need an athlete’s stamina to master.


Get acquainted with the original "soaps":  favorite operas, operettas and musicals.  The origins of dance and ballet will keep you on your toes.


A glossary of musical terms, pictures, photos, reading and recording lists complete this reader-friendly text.  Ideal for everyone, especially teachers of Music Appreciation/History courses -- The Popular Guide to Classical Music should be part of every college and high school curriculum!


10½ x 7½ 334pp Hard Cover

Copyright© October, 1993, Birch Lane Press, New York.  Limited edition printing.





Out of Print - 50 precious copies still available.


Price:  $25.00 plus $5.00 postage and handling (domestic U.S. only)



The Popular Guide to Classical Music by Dr Anne K Gray




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