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By Dr. Anne K. Gray


A Treasure Trove of Discovery!




In this sequel to Dr. Gray’s The Popular Guide to Classical Music, comes The WORLD of WOMEN in Classical Music.  After ten years’ research, Dr. Gray has harvested a wealth of information about Composers, Conductors and Performers, as well as the fields of Musicology and the Business of Music, which includes information on women behind the scenes in orchestras, opera companies, publishing, recording, and as pioneering impresarios and agents.  In the final chapter, Dr. Gray pays tribute to The Unforgotten:  Women Philanthropists whose generosity has kept classical music alive and vibrant.


Each entry in the book is a biography, revealing personal glimpses of talented women who defied the limiting social conventions to forge a path for themselves and future generations.  The book covers every musical era from Ancient-Medieval to the 21st century -- always within the context of historical events.


With this definitive, scintillatingly written work, Dr. Gray has drawn back the veil which has enshrouded women in music throughout history, revealing a detailed and colorful tapestry of the world of women in classical music - really a reflection of the challenges and accomplishments of women in every field.


10 x 12½ - 1072 pp - Paperback

Copyright© 2007, WordWorld Publications, San Diego, California.


The World of Women in Classical Music by Dr Anne K Gray







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"Fascinating, and enlightening.  Opens the door to enormous "undiscovered territory" -- a must read!"

JoAnn Falletta, Director, Long Beach, Norfolk, Buffalo Philharmonic, Global Guest Conductor


"Leave it to Anne Gray to enlighten all of us. Read and be amazed!"

David Raksin, (1912-2004) Film Composer, Past President, Society for Film Preservation,
Past President Composers & Lyricists Guild, ASCAP Board


"Dr. Anne Gray gives voice to the countless achievements of women in classical music, placing them and their role in music making squarely in the midst of our everyday culture and times."

Libby Larsen, Composer


"Few enough people in our society are acquainted with classical music and even fewer of them are aware of the many wonderful women composers we have now -- which makes Dr. Gray's book a great resource to laymen and professionals alike."

William Kraft, University of California, Santa Barbara


"Impeccably researched, witty, eloquently presented and containing an astonishing wealth of information, Dr. Anne Gray's The WORLD of WOMEN in Classical Music will ensure greater awareness of the musical presence and works of women of all times.  Brava!"

Gisèle Ben-Dor, Director, Santa Barbara Symphony, NY Philharmonic & Worldwide Guest Conductor


"Take a fascinating look at the women who make music.  This book is much needed.  You must read The WORLD of WOMEN in Classical Music!"

Adria Firestone, world-renowned opera star


"The contents of your book looks absolutely mind blowing!  The place of women in music through the years.  To have it in one book is amazing!!!"

Lyn Hoover, ACME Honor Society Chair, Mu Phi Epsilon, International Music Fraternity


"The WORLD of WOMEN in Classical Music is a testimony to women as music creators and performers.  Buried under centuries of men's manuscripts, the works of women are being unearthed and receiving the acclaim and recognition they so richly deserve.  Congratulations, Anne Gray!  With this book you are revising the course of music history.  It marks the end of the one-sided view that only men create music.  Women must now take their rightful place in each chapter of future music history books."

Dr. Barbara Harbach, Professor of Music, University of Missouri


"I am writing to lend my support for the Pulitzer Prize nominee, Dr. Anne Gray, and her book The WORLD of WOMEN in Classical Music.  What Dr. Gray has accomplished brings us to how the role of women has evolved over the centuries.  The book is well researched and documented.  It makes excellent reading for both musicians and those who wish to understand more about the contributions of women in the classical music industry.  I heartily recommend Dr. Gray and her book for your consideration."

Sincerely, Leonard Slatkin, Conductor - National Symphony















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